2021 - 2022 / Toyota Gazoo Racing

2021 Was the start of the new Hypercar era in the WEC and the development of the new WRC GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid , so a big year for a manufacturer.

The GR Supra GT4 also continued to run strong all over the World now with more than 100 cars being sold already since the start in 2020 .. this category is quite sucessfull for professionals and Amateur drivers.

TOYOTA made history in 2022 firstly by winning the 24h of Le Mans for the 5th time and by winning the WEC Hypercar Teams Title and WEC Drivers Title, and won the WRC Manufacturers title and WRC drivers / co-drivers title.

I believe it is a first time in history that a car manufacturer has scored these 2 prestigious titles and i am very proud to be part of the Toyota Gazoo Racing family.

The GR Yaris also became a popular car in many country's to start a national Rally Trophy's in Italy and Spain / Portugal, and the Gr Yaris Rally 2 car started its development.