Some information about myself:

Personal Details:

First Names: Jacob Anthony ( call name: JACK ).

Last Name: DE KEIJZER.

also known as: "IMPERATORE"  

Why IMPERATORE ? - One day in 1993 the Italian Fabio Lazzerini (Engineer at Ford - RAS Sport ) told me that my family name  "de Keijzer" means "IMPERATORE " ( the Emperor , the King ) in Italian, as a joke he started to call me with this name and thats why many people today who know me call me also "imperatore" 

Nationality: Netherlands

Birth Date: 17 September 1963.

Current Profession: Principal Coordinator Team Management & Logistics @ Toyota Gazoo Racing in Cologne (Germany)

Languages: Dutch - English - Frensh - German - Italian and good understanding of Spanish & Portuguese.

Drivers Licence: A - B - BE.

Hobby's: Motorsports, Cycling, Walking, Computers & Hi Tech Gadgets

Computer Skills: Office, Excel, Word, Powerpoint.

Favourite Food: Pasta with Chicken

Favourite Drink: Good Glass Wine.

Favourite Rally car: Lancia Delta S4.