1998 - 2001 Seat Sport

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So here i was in Belgium for the 1998 Boucle the Spa rally.

Seat Belgium entered 2 Ibiza Kit Cars for Marc and Florence Duez, and the cars were being run by Baporo Motorsport and mechanics from Seat Sport.

I was togeather with the Team Co-ordinator and a chief mechanic from Seat Sport in the chase car.

We had a good time togeather and they asked me if i was interested to help them in some WRC and Spanish rally's.

I agreed and started for my first rally in the Portugal Rally 1998, Marc Duez was also driving there and Seat entered 2 more Ibiza's for Harri Rovanpera and Oriol Gomes.

i was going to be with Oriol Gomes and what did he do ?? he rolled the car in the shakedown before the rally and we had to work all night to get the car ready, a good start for the first rally with Seat..:)

At the end of 1998 Seat prepared to change to the WRC class and the Cordoba WRC, Marc Duez drove one of the first cars in the 1998 San Remo rally.

Seat Belgium continued to drive with a Ibiza Kit Car and with a Ibiza Cupra group N and later also a Ibiza TDi group N.

In 1999 they changed to the Cordoba Evo 2 and the driver was Renaud Verreijdt, he won the 1999 Boucle de Spa rally.

Another team that was also starting to drive with the Seat Cordoba Evo 2 was the team from Erwin Weber in Germany.

I met Erwin Weber in the 1999 Condroz rally were we had 2 Cordoba's and Erwin asked me if i was interested to help him from beginning of 2000 and to do the German Championship with Matthis Kahle and the Polish championship with Herba, and Lukasz Sztuka.

Matthias Kahle  won many rally's and was German Champion in 2000 and 2001, in 2000 the team from Erwin Weber also won the Austrian championship with Raphael Sperrer.

At the end of 2001 Seat Sport decided to stop with the world rally Championship, this was a big shock to a lot of people working for Seat.

I think that the team of Erwin Weber has been the most successfull team with the Cordoba WRC and had scored the most victories, the team was rewarded with a special price from Seat Sport during the end of the year Party in Spain.

Erwin Weber was also making contact with M-Sport to have one Ford Focus WRC for 2002 season.