2002 M-Sport / Erwin Weber

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M-Sport was providing the team of Erwin Weber with a Ford Focus RS 01 and the driver was going to be the 2001 European Champion Armin Kremer.

He Started in the 2002 Monte Carlo Rally and the Weber team had a good relation with the M-Sport mechanics ( i also knew a few friends working there that moved from Ford Motorsport to M-Sport in 1997 ).

Armin Kremer was going to drive 7 WRC events.

He had a good finish in Monte Carlo and Cataluna, but we retired in Finland ( Clutch ), Greece ( accident ) and retired in the Deutschland Rally with a very big Crash ( see gallery ),

Armin hit a guard rail at 160 km/h and the car also got fire, he and his co-pilot were lucky to escape with no injury's.

The Final rally was the RAC Rally 2002 with the new Ford Focus RS 02.