2015 / 2016 - Toyota Motorsport (TMG)

End of 2013 Motorsport Italia (MSI) started to cooperate with Toyota Motorsport Germany (TMG) former known as Toyota Team Europe (TTE) to assist them with their WRC test program.

TMG is an amazing company with facilitys beond imagination, after Rallying they went into Formula 1 and it is running now since 2012 in the WEC                (World Endurance Championship) , where they won the 2014 Manufacturers and Drivers title, and there are many other projects like the Toyota GT 86 CS-R3, the new RWD rallycar and the GT86 CS V3 Race car for VLN series.

As part of the cooperation Motorsport Italia supplied test trucks with the needed equipment and a few mechanics, and i was send to TMG to assist on the logistics side with their WRC test preparation and the running of the test on different locations in Europe.

The test program ran secret from 01-2014 until 01-2015 when Toyota anounced the return to the WRC in 2017, and all became a bit more open, although the locations and tests remain unknown for public or media.

In 2015 i already spend many days at the office in Cologne, where i continued the work in the Team Management / Logistic department.

TMG is a very large International company and i was surprised to see so many Dutch people working there which makes me feel verry much at home.

In December 2015 i decided to end my working relation with Motorsport Italia and Ralliart Italy to take on a new challenge in TMG from 01.01.2016 in the function of Principal Coordinator for the Team Management / Logistics department.

This was the challenge i was looking for since quite some time and i am happy that TMG has given me this chanse to start a complete new chapter in my Motorsport Career..... RACING.... !

My main task is preparing and coordinate the WEC Tests and WEC Races and events within the Customer Motorsport Department for the GT86 CS-R3 Rallycar.