2011 - 2015 Motorsport Italia

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Motorsport Italia is a new company setup beginning of 2011 and is a sister company of Ralliart Italy.

The team started in WRC 2011 in the rally of Portugal with the new MINI John Cooper Works S2000 and switched to the WRC version in WRC Sardegna.

Armindo Araujo moved  from the PWRC Mitsubishi to the WRC Top and was in for a big challenge, it was a year with mixed results and a lot of learning to do for Armindo as in the WRC they fight for every second as in the PWRC you can be a bit more relaxed.

2012 started with 2 new MINI teams: 1- Armindo Araujo World Rally Team and 2: Palmeirinha Rally with Paulo Nobre. from WRC Sweden the team name changed to WRC TEAM MINI PORTUGAL and run with a 2 car team the whole 2012 WRC. After WRC Finland Armindo Araujo left the team and was replaced by Chris Atkinson, wich raised a few questions why Araujo was replaced but what can we say.

I followed as many events with Motorsport Italia as i could when the Mitsubishi's were not driving, just to support the team and i did the full team coordination in WRC New Zealand.

In January 2013 i became the Sporting Director / Team Coordinator for the MINI team and we started with Michal Kosciuszko and the LOTOS Team WRC, Kosciuszko ended the cooperation after WRC Argentina to join M-Sport.

Motorsport Italia was back in Action in WRC Australia where Nathan Quinn drove the MINI WRC on his WRC Car Debut to a perfect 8th place, and where Alexander Gelvez drove the MINI S2000.

The team will also be active again in the MONZA Rally Show end of November 2013.

In 2013 i followed all the 13 WRC events, and i am currently responsable for the Team Coordination of WRC Team Motorsport Italia and Ralliart Italy.

2014 will see the team active with a new challenge, Motorsport Italia started to provide Logistic services to Toyota Motorsport Germany (TMG) for Rally car development tests, wich is a very exiting project.

The team also changed ownership from BAMP to RALLYPROJECT (Max Rendina) from Rome and won the 2014 WRC2 Production class with team owner Max Rendina & Mario Pizzuti and the Ralliart Italy Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X.

My work in 2014 / 2015 concentrates mostly on TMG - Toyota WRC Test Preparations and Team Coordination for the WRC2 Championship on some events with MSI.

After 5 Years working with Ralliart Italy and Motorsport Italia i felt the time had come to move on and take on a new challenge.

So i decided that end of December 2015 i will close the book and start a new challenge which involves not only Rally but also a lot of RACING.

I am very thankfull to all Staff in Ralliart Italy and Motorsport Italia, Mechanics, Friends, Drivers, Sponsors & Suppliers for all their support and great emotions we shared together.

Next Challenge: Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG)