2010 - 2014 Ralliart Italy

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After leaving RGRS Skoda in May 2010 i was looking for a new Challenge, but during half season it always hard to get a new position as many teams are running their programs.

Bruno De Pianto Team Manager of Ralliart Italy invited me to come to the PWRC Rally POrtugal end of May to see follow the event with Armindo Araujo.

The team was running 6 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X in the Pirelli Start Driver Program and the Evo X of Armindo in the PWRC, so 7 cars inTotal.

I was very impressed by how the team was working and one of my old friends from RAS Sport was working there to running the team coordination ( Marco Pastorino ).

I followed during the rest of the year the program with Armindo and we won the 2010 PWRC Germany, 2010 PWRC France and the 2010 PWRC World title, Armindo's 2nd world title.

In January 2011 i became Sporting director for the team and in charge of the MItsubishi PWRC Program, Marco was moving to Motorsport Italia our new sister company who was going to run the MINI WRC.

2011 was a mixed season with 2 talented drivers, Michal Kosciuszko from Poland and Nicolas Fuchs from Peru, both had some good events but also some events throw away a good result by making some mistakes, MIchal stayed with the team for the 2012 season and was joined by Benito Guerra from Mexico.

2012 is one of my highlights in my career, Benito Guerra was such a talented driver wich drives with his head and stays out of troubles ( well most of the time ) we won in 2012 with Kosciuszko the PWRC Monte Carlo and PWRC Germany and with Benito we won the PWRC Mexico ( his home event and 1st wrc win ), PWRC Argentina and he finish of with a victory in PWRC Spain and took the PWRC World Title. what a great year for the team and the world title was back in Italy for a 3rd year.

In 2013 the teams intention was to set up the Ralliart Italy cup but the economical crisis everywhere around the word left the team with the decission not to run it.

Ralliart Italy started a new cooperation with the VENEZUELA Rally Team, their 1st event was 2013 WRC Rally Sardegna and on most of the 2013 WRC Events the team will run 2 Lancer Evo X Gr N or the MINI John Cooper Works S2000,

In 2014 Ralliart Italy won for the 4th time the WRC Production World title, this time with Max Rendina & Mario Pizzuti driving the Lancer Evo X Gr N under the WWW.RALLYPROJECT.COM entry.The season could not have gone any better with 5 Victory's in ( Monte Carlo,Mexico and Portugal,Poland and Australia), and a clear victory of Benito Guerra in WRC Spain ( his 3rd in 3 years time). Previous Production Championship winners with the Ralliart Italy Lancer Evo X are:

Armindo Araujo (PWRC 2009+2010), Benito Guerra (PWRC 2012) and Max Rendina (WRC2 Production Cup 2014).

2014 also saw a change in ownership of RALLIART Italy (BAMP) to Motorsport Italia and a new owner of the team Max Rendina from Rome.

The team took part in the 2014 Prodiction Cup WRC and Rendina won the title in 2014 on his 1st attempt with the Lancer Evo X Gr N.

My current job position is Sporting Director / Team Coordinator for WRC Team Motorsport Italia, and i prepare all the WRC events.