2009 Olca Team Madeira

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In August 2009 i had the pleasure to go to the IRC Madeira Rally and help the OLCA team ( Alexandre Camacho / Pedro Calado ) Peugeot 207 S2000.

Alexandre Camacho is the 2008 National champion of Madeira and well on his way to win the 2009 Championship.

The team scored a 3rd place in the 2008 IRC Madeira and for 2009 the expectations were a top 5.. as his lucky number is 5 and this year his start nr was nr ..5....

My trip could not start any better with numbers 5 ( and i am not superstisious ).. the departure time in Brussels to lisbon was 05.55.. and the gate 55.. then the flight to lisbon was at gate 207 .. so all indications i was going to work with car number 5 and a ( Peugeot ) 207.:)

Alexandre drove an excelent event and never went away from 3rd place, an excelent result for a small team with limited budget...

Well done OLCA Team..:).. also for keeping the official Kronos Peugeots behind them..