2004 X- Raid BMW

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During the 2004 season ,when i was helping RGRS and Volkswagen, i still had good contact with my friend Erwin Weber.

Erwin was at that time working togeather with the team X-Raid and the BMW X5 Rally Raid.

He was needing somebody to help him in the 2005 Baja Portugal,where 2 cars were driving,and i went there.

For me this was a new experience i had never done.

Everything was made like a Tank and the cars were very impressive.

The service time is not like in a rally ( 20 or 30 minutes ) it is sometimes 3 Hours !!!! Something i had to get used to.

You can be a lot more relaxed when changing parts and checking the car.

One driver in Portugal was an old friend of me ( Kalifa al Mutawei from Dubai who drove for Toyota ivictory team n the 1995 Middle East Championship), so we had a good time in Portugal.

I enjoyed this type of Rallying and who knows where the future is ??