1993 - 1997 Ford Motorsport - RAS

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RAS Sport,  RAS - Ford,  Team Marlboro Ford Middle East, MLP (Mike Little Prerarations):


Patrick Snijers, Bruno Thiry, Abdullah Bakhashab, Patrick Bernardini, Francois Delecour, Miki Biasion, Gregoire deMevius, Jose Marie Ponce, Cesar Baronie,Enrico Bertone.Didier Auriol


Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 Gr A, Ford Escort Cosworth Gr A, Ford Escort WRC, Ford Escort Kit-Car.

I Joined RAS Sport in Chatelet Belgium at the beginning of 1992 and my first event with the New Escort Cosworth Group a was in Canarias island with Jose Marie Ponce.

At that time RAS was running may programs in Europe and Belgium and we won many rally's, they joined forces with Ford Motorsport end of 1993 and during 1994 i spend many weks in Boreham to build the new cars for Bruno Thiry. The atmosphere in the team was very good and i also learned to speak Frensh.

Higlights were winning the 1995 Middle East Championship in one of the last rally's where we thought it was all over due to a heavy oil leak.. but one of the old and experienced Boreham mechanics took a tube of Superglue and glued an oilpipe top the engine block... amazing it held togeather and we scored enough point to take the championship.

Another highlight was winning the 1996 WRC Monte Carlo rally with Patrick Bernardini, and the almost victory of Bruno Thiry in WRC Corsica 1995.!

During 1996 and 1997 i also worked with Mike Little preparations who run Gregoire DeMevius in Belgium and the WRC and in 1997 we used the New Escort WRC.

all in all one of my best times in rallying was with RAS and Ford, i learned a lot and gained a lot of experience.